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Omnisphere Preset Bank for Modern Rap & Urban Beats

If your looking for an Omnisphere Preset Bank that is designed for Modern Rap & Urban Beats then be assured that is the full package!

This is a huge quality dancehall Omnisphere preset bank designed for some serious music producers.

Some unique sounds in this preset bank, something you will defiantly never sit on!

This package is pure FIRE!

What inside this Omnisphere Pack?

  • Bass~Ends.prt_omn
  • Bell~Hall.prt_omn
  • Bell~Haze.prt_omn
  • Bell~Memory.prt_omn
  • Flute~Passive.prt_omn
  • Key~Mirrors.prt_omn
  • Key~Old Town Rhodes.prt_omn
  • Pad~Clouds.prt_omn
  • Pad~Horns.prt_omn

Please show some love and subscribe to sxber on youtube for more great free loops and omnisphere preset banks.

All loops are free except for any major placements. Contact sxber on [email protected] also go and follow on sxber instagram @sxbersounds

All Downloads in this pack are shared on google drive, simply right click and select download to download any files or folders directly to your computer.

Please note that this is only a preset bank and will require a full version of Omnisphere, if you don’t have Omnisphere installed on your computer/system then this Preset pack will not work!

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