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Money Talk Trap Loop Sound Pack

Free to Download money talk trap loop sound pack, this is a great free trap sound pack for free download with some serious quality trap sound loops. Money talk trap sound melody pack has 8 high-quality wav loops all in different scales, ready to be dragged, flipped, and sampled by any trap and hip-hop music producers.

What’s inside this Money Talk Trap Loop Sound Pack?

  • Affinity 140 Em.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Bladed 141 Cm.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Castle 146 G#m.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Darkened 146 A#m.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Erratic 137 D#m.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Intuition 154 Fm.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Reward 150 Gm.wav (trap loop sound pack)
  • Splinter 155 G#m.wav (trap loop sound pack)

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We have more trap melodies here. make sure to check us out frequently as we will have more drum loops, trap samples, and trap loops.

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