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Free Sytrus Presets Pack for FL Studio 20 – Inspired by Alan Walker

free sytrus presets pack for fl studio 20, inspired by Alan Walker, contains 20 FL Studio Stock Plugin presets for Sytrus, Reverb, etc. – With Sytrus presets for making build-ups and drops – Additional Drop EQ, Sidechain, & Reverb presets for use – Sytrus presets has modulation for easy automation – Based on Walker #12893’s (Alan Walker Style) Sylenth1 presets pack.

What’s inside this free Sytrus preset pack for fl studio 20

  • 1. Alan Walker Chords.fst
  • 2. Alan Walker Lush Chords.fst
  • 3. Alan Walker Guitar Plucks (FLEX).fst
  • 4. Alan Walker Pad.fst
  • 5. Alan Walker Soul Lead.fst
  • 6. Alan Walker The Spectre Lead.fst
  • 7. Alan Walker Routine Lead.fst
  • 8. Alan Walker Drop Lead 1.fst
  • 9. Alan Walker Drop Lead 2.fst
  • 10. Alan Walker Drop Lead 3.fst
  • 11. Alan Walker Drop Soul Lead.fst
  • 12. Alan Walker Drop Chords 1.fst
  • 13. Alan Walker Drop Chords 2.fst
  • 14. Alan Walker Drop Bass 1.fst
  • 15. Alan Walker Drop Bass 2.fst
  • 16. Alan Walker Drop Shakey Lead.fst
  • 17. Alan Walker Drop Square Lead.fst
  • 18. Alan Walker Drop EQ FX (Parametric EQ 2).fst
  • 19. Alan Walker Drop Sidechain FX (Love Philter).fst
  • 20. Alan Walker Drop Reverb FX (Reverb 2).fst

A huge thanks to CharldeonFLS for creating this pack which took him 10 hours to make, please show some love and subscribe to him on youtube, click here to subscribe to him on here. Please read the read-me-pdf-file this download and respect all terms set by CharldeonFLS

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