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FREE Melodic Trap Samples Trap Loops by SamWillBeats

Some very nice free melodic trap samples and trap piano loops designed by SamWillBeats royalty-free for music producers producing trap type style beats.

Here’s a quick preview by FLPSDE check him out on youtube

What’s inside this Trap melody loop pack?

  • Blast Off 140 Emin (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Blue 106 Gmin Harmonic(Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Crashing 150 Emin (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Drank 133 D#min (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • In My Head 133 Bmin(Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • On The Way 154 A#min (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Past Mistakes 128 Cmin (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Rewind 141 Emin (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Saline 140 Emin (Prod. Sam Will).wav
  • Sleep Tight 132 A#min (Prod. Sam Will).wav

Check out Sam Will for beats and more dope sounds!

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