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Free 3xOsc Presets for EDM – Includes EDM Leads, Plucks and More

If you’re in search of 3xOsc Presets for EDM then behold, This is a huge pack of EDM 3xOsc preset patches that provide some seriously good EDM sounds which will leave you speechless. We have more 3xOsc Presets here.

What’s inside this 3xOsc Presets for EDM? There’s 21 high quality presets for EDM productions using 3xOsc.

    • Arp – All Over It (FLCity).fst
    • Arp – Another Me (FLCity).fst
    • Bass – Freak (FLCity).fst
    • Bass – Neon (FLCity).fst
    • Drums – Clap (FLCity).fst
    • Drums – Kick (FLCity).fst
    • Drums -Hat (FLCity).fst
    • FX – Wind (FLCity).fst
    • Lead – Geek (FLCity).fst
    • Lead – Rogue (FLCity).fst
    • Lead – Supersaw (FLCity).fst
    • Pad – Darkness (FLCity).fst
    • Pad – Strings (FLCity).fst
    • Pad – UFO (FLCity).fst
    • Pluck Bass – Divine (FLCity).fst
    • Pluck – Chase (FLCity).fst
    • Pluck – Graveyard (FLCity).fst
    • Pluck – Prexy (FLCity).fst
    • Synth – Mystic (FLCity).fst
    • Synth – Squares (FLCity).fst
    • Synth – Stanzin (FLCity).fst
  • A huge special thanks to FLCity for producing such great 3xOsc Presets, if you get time don’t forget to subscribe to them right here on Youtube.



If you enjoy this Preset you should also check out some of this other 3xOsc on mysoundpacks.


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