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Draco – Free Trap, Rap, Hip-Hop Melody Loops and Trap Melody Samples

Draco is Free to download, 9 unique trap and hip-hop melody loops and trap melody samples which are free to download and free to use for music production.

Some very nice and unique melody loops are within this sample pack.

loops in this pack?

  • (TRISTANVH) amadeus – 116 bpm E min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) black knight – 140 bpm E min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) humblebee – 140 bpm G# min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) kilimanjaro – 124 bpm D# min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) moonlight – 170 bpm G# min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) Nintendo – B min 174 bpm (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) pharmacy – 134 bpm G min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) voiture – 82 bpm C min (trap melody loop)
  • (TRISTANVH) Extra – 137 bpm G min (trap melody loop)

Huge thanks to The Dojo – Soundkits & Music Tutorials check him out on youtube for more free loops and melody packs.

We also have a lot more melody loops, trap drum kits, guitar loops, and much more.

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